Karen Mabry (New Mexico State University) and students in her lab work with us on characterizing the population genetics of woodrats.

Richard McElreath works on developing theoretical models of woodrat behavior that help guide our field study.

Brendan Barrett a Ph.D candidate in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group, is studying the dispersal and den inheritance patterns of woodrats.  He has been supervising field crews, working on RFID development, and is currently integrating ibutton technology into our monitoring program.

Current StudentsDSC_0022

Anastasia Malinguine, Endo Haruka, Krista Schmidt, Ruoshi Huang, Anna Taylor.

Past Students

Angeline Dang; Ayako Kowabata; Serica Zwak; Brianne Milano; Anna Kennedy; Gardner Jones; Felipe Santich; Christian Nordal; Colin Turcotte; Honora Tisell; Magnus Barmoen; Morgan Wofford; Arielle Crews; Alexandre Dopkin; Elizabeth Tyler; Eileen Asevedo; Emma Davidson; Neysa Frechette; Luke Matthews; Amanda Emmel; Rebecca Fabbri; Flor Calderon; Anastasia Malinguine; Kaili Brande; Rebecca Spranger.